20-Years-Later, John Goodman And Sara Gilbert Do Hilarious ‘Roseanne’ Spoof!

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There has been a lot of talk about a possible ‘Roseanne’ reunion and fans of the show couldn’t be happier! In a recent Tweet by Roseanne herself, she said the entire cast is down with doing a reunion!

John Goodman (Dan) and Sara Gilbert (Darlene) also teased the world earlier in the week with a spoof of “Roseanne” on Gilbert’s show “The Talk.” Seeing the two of them back together on that famous afghan-covered couch did make me smile!

It is clear that John Goodman has not lost a bit of his character ‘Dan’ in the last 20-years. For a brief moment, it was like the show never stopped.

During its nearly decade-long run, “Roseanne” was not just beloved by fans, but it was also critically acclaimed. It was nominated for numerous Golden Globes (and won several) as well as GLAAD Media Awards, American Comedy Awards, People’s Choice Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

Roseanne Connor wasn’t your typical sitcom mom, and “Roseanne” wasn’t your typical family sitcom. It tackled tough issues like abortion, infidelity, birth control, cancer, homophobia, racism, child abuse, gender inequality, poverty, sexual harassment and addiction. The show was certainly ahead of the times….and boy oh boy was it funny!

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