Route 29 Batman Is Killed After His Batmobile Breaks Down Along A Md. Highway

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Lenny B. Robinson, the 51-year-old Maryland man who drove a custom-made Batmobile and dressed as the Caped Crusader to visit sick children in hospitals, was struck by a car on Interstate 70 on Sunday night near Hagerstown, Md., after the Batmobile broke down. He was coming home from a car show in West Virginia.

Robinson is best known for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on his authentic looking Batman costume, car and accessories in an effort to cheer up sick children. Robinson often visited hospitals where sick children were bed ridden and offered them smiles and hope.

It is said Robinson had just left a gas station where he me with a family who’s children were interested in his custom car. While driving down the interstate the Batmobile had engine troubles. Robinson stopped partially in the ‘fast lane’ and while checking the engine, the Batmobile was struck by a Toyota Camry causing the Batmobile to strike Robinson. Sadly, Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Such a horrible tragedy. Robinson was a man loved by many and his name and positive actions in his community will live on forever.

The Post revealed Batman’s identity to the world in 2012, after Robinson was pulled over in Silver Spring, Md., in a black Lamborghini and full superhero costume. Video of his encounter with police, who had pulled him over because of a problem with his plates, emblazoned with the Batman symbol, made him an instant sensation on the Web.

May you rest in peace Batman. 

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