Steve Jobs Super Simple Secret ‘Rules For Success’

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How did three guys — Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne — go from selling computers in 1976 to fathering an internationally known and lauded corporation? What were their rules for success?

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs lived by a few simple rules for success and clearly they work. Prior to Jobs’ death, he had amassed billion’s of dollars and had helped create of the world’s biggest companies…all by following a few simple rules.

One Apple employee recently shared those rules for success on Reddit.

When I was hired by Apple in early 2004, these ‘rules for success’ were attached to the back of my employee badge,” wrote John “JB” Brandon in the caption of the photo below. “I left Apple years ago, but these really stuck with me ever since.

rules for success


According to JB, employees weren’t the only ones to follow these rules. When one Reddit user asked about Steve Jobs, JB had this to say:

Steve Jobs was certainly an incredible man. A man who was part of something special, worth more money than most could ever dream of…yet he maintained a down to earth persona. You couldn’t ask for a better combination.