Comedian Tells Hilarious Yet Heartwarming True Story About A Young Fan With Cancer

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russell howard cancer boy

Russell Howard, a British comedian talks about the time he met a 14-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer. 

Russell, who has to have one of the most expressive faces on the planet, goes on to tell the story of the boys incredible humorous outlook on life and the courage he had after being told he didn’t have long to live. 

The boy had put together a bucket list, and meeting Howard was on that list. Howard went to see him once…and then again and again as the two hit it off in comedic fashion! 

Even when the doctors gave the 14-year-old boy only three days to live, still he was making jokes and even planning his own ‘fancy dress’ funeral, complete with his own father dressed as the grim reaper.

The entire story told by Howard is both hilarious and heartwarming. The ending is the best! Take a few moments to check out the video below…it will no doubt make you laugh, smile and be happy to be alive.


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