San Francisco Dude Had A Friend Deliver TP Via Drone While Sheltered In Place

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Ian Chan, who while sheltering in place in San Francisco took delivery of a roll of toilet paper via drone. Chan shared video of the high-flying maneuver Wednesday on Twitter, and explained the circumstances to any potentially confused viewers.

“When you need that t.p. but Amazon is out, and you’re not supposed to leave your house; tech San Francisco doesn’t fail,” he wrote. “Thank you @chenosaurus for the speedy cross city delivery- I owe you one[.]”

The account that Chan thanked, @chenosaurus, seems to belong to David Chen. Chen’s ‘about me’ describes him, in part, as an “Aspiring drone racing pilot.” It also lists him as head of R&D at Skycatch — a company offering “An easy to use enterprise-grade aerial intelligence platform for the industry’s most powerful capture, process, and measurement tools.”

So basically, Chen appears to be incredibly familiar with drones.