Sapphire Rings: A Complete Guide For The First Time Sapphire Ring Buyers

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A Sapphire engagement ring is the best way to break tradition yet wow everyone with its beauty and contemporary expression. The sapphire engagement ring was made famous by Princess Diana in 1981 and later by Kate Middleton. These two names have made Sapphires a regal choice when it comes to engagement rings.

Sapphires are known for their wide variety of colors, unlike diamonds that are known for their brilliance. People usually opt for sapphires because of varying colors like rich indigo blue, ocean spray blue, orange, champagne, and sometimes green.

If you’re looking for a sapphire engagement ring, having some knowledge about the stone, its varieties, and care might help save some money and time. Here’s all you need to know about sapphire rings, their types, and maintenance.


Why Choose A Sapphire Engagement Ring?

As mentioned earlier, the biggest draw for Sapphire rings is the large variety of colors they offer. You have the option to pick from a brilliant sky blue hue to royal blue. Sapphires do come in every color there is except for red. Notably, the word sapphire represents all non-red corundum gems (red corundum gems are considered ruby).

Sapphire is the best bet if you’re looking for a ring that’s a perfect balance between classic and contemporary. Additionally, the wide variety of colors available allows you to choose the one that best reflects your partner’s personality. You can choose from black, brown, orange, white, purple, pink, yellow, and green sapphires.

You can also opt for the lesser-known and rare colors to stand out more. One of the rarest types of sapphire is the Padparadscha. This particular sapphire has a delicate color that ranges between orange and pink, making anyone stand out from the crowd.

Another plus of choosing a sapphire ring is the cost. The price of a sapphire ring can vary depending on the carat weight and the stone’s quality. However, sapphires are typically cheaper than diamonds and range between $500 to $2,000 per carat. This means there’s a sapphire ring for every budget.


How To Choose A Good Sapphire Ring?

If you have set your mind on getting a sapphire engagement ring, knowing a few things will help you get the perfect stone for your partner. One of the most important factors while selecting a sapphire is the color and shape. While sapphire rings are graded on factors like cut, color, clarity, and carat, the cut and color hold the topmost priority.

In terms of cut, sapphires are gorgeous stones that look good in any cut, but experts suggest that the best cuts for sapphires are oval, round, and cushion. The oval cut is the best as it shows off the vibrant color of the sapphire stone. The oval cut allows the most light to travel through the gemstone, enhancing the color and ensuring it doesn’t appear flat.

Next up, consider the ring setting and metal for the sapphire ring. While sapphire will look good in any setting, it’s best to opt for white metals like platinum or white gold. Depending on the shade of the stone you pick, sapphire will also look good against warmer metals like yellow and rose gold.

Lastly, choose where your sapphire has been sourced from. Some of the best sapphire stones come from East Africa, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Bear in mind that the gemstone source usually factors in the price; therefore, if you’re getting a sapphire from the above three places, expect it to be on the pricier side.


How To Care For A Sapphire Ring?

It’s pretty accurate that Sapphire is quite hard, next to only diamonds and scores 9 on Mohs scale. However, they do need routine care to stay in their pristine state. Always pick your sapphire ring from the band and not the stone; this will prevent it from getting loose. Additionally, by avoiding touching the stone directly, you’re avoiding the build-up that forms due to the natural oils in our skin.

Also, it’s recommended to clean the sapphire ring personally every month and professionally every year. If you are wondering how to clean your precious gemstone ring at home, it’s a straightforward process.

You put a drop of gentle washing liquid on the ring and gently scrub with a soft and clean toothbrush. Rinse the ring under warm water and scrub again to remove any residual soap. Now, pat the ring dry with a microfiber cloth.

Now you know everything there’s to know about sapphire rings. You can confidently make an informed purchase to woo your partner and take care of the ring once you have purchased it.