Sawyer Fredericks, Winner Of ‘The Voice’ 2015 Is A Unique, Remarkable & Beautiful Talent

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The very first moment I heard Sawyer Fredericks sing I knew I was about to witness something special. The young man with long, dirty blond hair and a relaxed, free floating spirit has one of the most unique and beautiful voices that one will ever hear.

His singing style is like listening to Ray Lamontagne, Bob Dylan and Ben Howard all rolled up into one awesome ball of musical greatness. The lack of ego Fredericks portray’s is also humbling to witness. There is no doubt Fredericks knows how wonderful he is, but he never shows it.

During his incredible run on the talent show ‘The Voice’, Fredericks sang some of the world’s most iconic songs, and did it with his own style and added simple melodic twists that captivated his audience.

From the moment Fredericks started singing during his blind audition on ‘The Voice’, there was no doubt in the judges minds that he would be the winner of the 2015 season. All four judges turned around to witness Fredericks’ greatness during his blind audition, but only one was able to obtain Fredericks on their team. Fredericks chose Pharrell Williams as his coach and that turned out to be pretty awesome for both Sawyer and Pharrell.

Here are some of the best of Sawyer Fredericks’ performances on ‘The Voice’.

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Blind Audition




‘A Thousand Years’


‘Simple Man’


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