School Janitor Gets Big Surprise When A Spill In The Gym Turns Out To Be Something Else

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Get your tissues ready!

The staff and students at a Nashville elementary school took a moment to express their love and gratitude for their beloved school custodian.

The school along with the Kleenex company wanted to honor Mr. Payton for all his hard work, devotion to the school and his big heart. It is clear that Payton has made a huge impact on the school staff and most importantly, the children of this Nashville elementary school.

The school informed Payton that they were filming a video about the school and that is why cameras were present. The students in the school made thank you cards, banners and signs for Payton and waiting in the gym for him to arrive.

Once everyone was situated, one of the teachers radioed to Payton telling him he was needed in the gym asap as there was a large spill they needed cleaned up. With mop bucket in tow, Payton made his way to the gym, only to be surprised by the entire school, cheering for him when he entered.

Payton, filled with emotion was then presented with a $1,000 check from Kleenex and barrage of kind words by both students an faculty.



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