The ‘MyLifeTouch’ School Picture Pricing Scam That Parents Are Starting To Catch On To

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My wife and I have four children that attend three different schools in our area and every year around this time our children bring home the ‘MyLifeTouch’ school picture brochure…as do millions of other kids.

This year, today in fact…as we were looking over the packets, we noticed that the prices are different per school…for the exact same picture packages! Wait…what?

First off, I think as parents we can all agree that school photos are quite the rip off, especially with all the incredible technology that is available now a days. With that opinion aside, why are parents at one school being charged more than parents from another school for the same service and amount of school pictures of their child?

The first picture is that of a private school, while the second is public. Notice that the packages are identical throughout each brochure. Yet the prices for the private school are more than that of public. Strange don’t you think?

Oh…and the schools are less than 3 miles apart! 


Private School (Maine)


Public School (Maine)

Does this company gouge private school parents believe that they may have more money than those of public school parents?

Can you imagine how much ‘extra’ money this company is making by charging everyone different amounts for the same product?

Has anyone else ran into this. It surely would be interesting to hear from MyLifeTouch as to why their prices are so wacky.


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