School Prom Dress Guide ‘Slideshow’ Isn’t Going Over Very Well.

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An Illinois high school has been accused of body-shaming after a 21-slide presentation about acceptable prom attire was published online.

Boylan Catholic High School’s guide says that girl’s dresses should not have necklines low enough to show cleavage, and that the skirts of the dresses should hit below the mid-thigh.
The guide also states that the rules will be bent based on a girls body shape and size, as some dresses may fit differently on different body types. 
Naturally, this ‘guide’ has caused an uproar on social media. Many claiming that this is a form of ‘body-shaming’. Students at the school also claim that this is a serious form of ‘body-shaming’. 
The slide show includes 11 dresses that are not suitable to wear and dresses that are not. The slide show only has two images that pertain to male dress code. 
Here are a few images from that slideshow. You can view the entire guide here
Students have started to take action against the dress code, setting up a campaign via Twitter, attempting to start their own private prom. 

The school put together a similar dress code last year, but this year, the document became quite extensive. Last year’s dress code was more of a word document, not a slideshow. 

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