School Shames Mom In Note For Sending Her Kid To School With Raisins

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I’m not sure what kind of school this is, but it seems like they have too much time on their hands!

© Facebook/Oh So Busy Mom

For whatever reason, schools around the country have decided to take up a parenting role when it comes to what the school children are being fed for snack. It is clearly a parents right to pack their child any sort of snack they choose for school. At what point is it okay for the school to intervene and send home a note explaining that their child’s snack was unacceptable.

As a father of a soon-to-be 10-year-old, I have packed my fair share of snacks for school and I would be quite enraged if I received a note like the one above.

This example of a school intervening in a parents snacking duty involves (wait for it) a box of sultanas (a.k.a small raisins). Cheree Lawrence, the woman behind the Australian mommy blog Oh So Busy Mum, reposted a photo of a school’s note that she claims to have seen in the Lunchbox Ideas Australia Facebook group. “The sultanas packed for your child today is unacceptable at [kindergarten] due to its high sugar content,” the note read.

What do you think? Should the school be intervening in a parents snack packing abilities?