Authorities Warn Beach Goers About Sea Lice Attacks

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sea lice

Sea lice is actually a thing and it’s not something that you ever want to encounter.

Earlier this week, beachgoers in Florida watched as life guards raised the purple flag warning them of dangerous wildlife in the water.

That dangerous wildlife – sea lice.

Extreme symptoms of sea lice’s eruption can include fever, nausea, and chills, usually affecting children and people with allergies.

Sea lice are not venomous, however you should see a doctor immediately after coming into contact with them.

30-year-old Australia native Sam Kanizay came into contact with sea lice after soaking his sore legs in the ocean for just a few minutes.

As he exited the water, what he though was sand around his ankles, was in fact blood caused by a sea lice attack.

sea lice

Global News

Once at the hospital, doctor’s tried to stop the bleeding multiple times, but it kept flowing from the hundreds of pinhole-size bites on the teen’s feet and legs.

While doctor’s were trying to figure out what caused the tiny pinhole sized bites, Sam’s father went back to the beach where his son was injured. He placed raw meat into the ocean water where he collected thousands of tiny creatures that attacked the meat. Those creatures – sea lice.

Sea lice have anti-coagulation properties, therefore Sam’s leg would not stop bleeding.

Experts state sea lice shouldn’t be feared and an attack such as Sam’s is no different than being bit by thousands of mosquito’s for a half hours time. Any body would have a serious reaction to such an attack.

Sea lice also has the ability to cause a severe rash. If you find yourself with a serious rash after exiting the ocean waters, consult a doctor immediately.

sea lice

Global News

Sea lice aren’t actually lice at all—they seem to be the larvae of jellyfish, most likely a small species called the thimble jellyfish. They’re translucent, almost invisible to the naked eye when they’re in water, which makes them difficult to avoid.