A Short 3-Mile Hike Will Land You At This Awesome ‘Secret’ Maine Beach!

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Beaches are one of Maine’s best natural features! When the sun is shining there is nothing better than going for a walk on the beach, looking for all the ocean’s natural treasures that have washed up on shore.

The problem with Maine beaches however…is they are typically jam packed with people! There is one beach in Maine though that is guaranteed to not be packed!

Seawall Beach is located on the other side of Morse Mountain in Phippsburg, Maine. There’s a parking lot for limited vehicles on the mainland side. Once full, no more cars filled with beach-seeking hikers are allowed past the gates.

The 3-mile or so hike isn’t that challenging, but it is enough to keep many people away from the beach!

There are no dogs, umbrellas, or frisbees allowed on the beach and although the beach is ‘secret’…sometimes you just have to let those secrets out for all to enjoy!

Have fun exploring!