Secrets Of Selling Your Property On The First Viewing

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You have decided to sell. Your house is spick and span, the house is on the market and now you have got yourself the first viewing of your property. How do you ensure your first viewing is your last and the property gets bought up the first time?

Whenever you want to show your home to potential buyers, it is important to give them a connection to your home by highlighting the positive aspects and keeping the negatives in the background.

In a typical market, it is quite common for visitations to be scheduled by the listing agent. However, if you have no agent, then chances are you will be managing the house visit yourself. There are also services like where you can request the help for the sale of your house.

Tips for Having a Successful House Visit

•    Be gracious

Even though a buyer comes into your house as a guest, it is your job to ensure the buyer leaves as a homeowner. The only way to do this is to make them feel welcome. You could do this by creating exciting conversations based on what they do.

If you have properties for sale palo alto, then expect guests who are in the tech field being that Palo Alto is the heart of the famed Silicon Valley. Keeping the conversation going possibly straying into the tech industry ensures your guests are relaxed and at ease.

•    Give space


After making small talk, allow the buyer some space. Try not to explain the improvements made and let your house do the talking. Most buyers – especially couples, will like to discuss between themselves. It is essential to give them privacy and space to do so rather than gluing yourself perpetually to them all day.

•    Optimize room temperature

A house viewing is not the best time to think about saving cost on electrical bills. If you live in a cold region, then you should keep the heater at full blast. The same is the reverse for a hotter climate. An average properties for sale palo altowill most likely come with air conditioners. Ensure you have an HVAC team to inspect your home before scheduling a visit.

•    Kitchen is important


Never underestimate the power of a good kitchen. A kitchen is a critical aspect of the home when selling. Hence, it is good to get the basics covered. Appliances need to be put away, and every part of the kitchen must be cleaned thoroughly. The goal is to give an impression of space by keeping every item in its place.

•    Capitalize on the outdoor space

Not all homes come with a backyard, but if yours do, then ensure it’s well maintained. Many potential house owners put much priority on outdoor space, especially as a place for kids to play or for having an alfresco meal. The outdoor space gives them room to imagine all the beautiful things they could do by keeping it spacious and clean.


Not all house viewings are successful in the first instance. However, you can improve your chances of closing the deal by following these tips, landing that amazing property sale with minimum fuss.