Secret’s Out! The Most Common Insecurities For Guys

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Women aren’t the only species with insecurities. Though they keep the secret on lock, these are the most common insecurities for guys.

Did you know that men have insecurities too?

We always hear that women have common insecurities. For example, over 70 percent of women think they’re “not good enough.”

However, there’s a secret that men keep under wraps. Male insecurity is also sky high. And yet, the insecurities in men are not the same as for women.

But, what are these big and strong men insecure about? Check out below for the common insecurities for guys. Let’s go!


1. Scared of Getting Fat 


Sure, women are more concerned about losing weight than men. And yet, surprisingly, up to 40 percent of men are “trying to lose weight.” Many men are either insecure about being overweight, or they’re terrified of losing their perfect body.

If you’re concerned about putting on the pounds, check out an option like this to seriously shed the weight. Some men manage to overcome their insecurity bylosing a lot of weight. Other men never get over it!


2. Fear of Being Alone 


Men love being bachelors, right? They’re a lone wolf on the prowl. Men don’t need anyone but themselves.

Well, actually, men also worry about spending by themselves. Around 35 percent of men report fear of being alone!

Although some people manage to be happy and single, it’s not always the case. Many men are terrified of a single life. It may be fun in your twenties. But, once you hit thirty, it starts to get scary.


3. Living Without Respect


Of course, men want to feel loved by others. However, there’s something more important than this. Many men are scared of not having the respect of others more than anything else.

In a survey, over three-quarters of men say that not being respected is the most important thing for them. There is also another underlying fear — that the respect they get isn’t earned or deserved either.


4. That They Can’t Provide


It may sound old-fashioned to some people. But, many men still spend a lot of time thinking about how they can provide for their family.

Over 70% of men say that they are “often or most” of the time conscious of providing for their family. This causes them to be extremely concerned about their job security and financial circumstances.


5. Not Allowed to Open Up


Part of the insecurity for many men is that they’re not allowed to have insecurities. People expect women to show vulnerability sometimes. While men are only permitted to stay strong and tough.

Therefore, strangely, the ability to open up and admit that they’re scared of something is a strength. If men are scared of anything. It’s the fear of not being able to admit their fear.


Common Insecurities for Guys

Now you know the security of the common insecurities for guys. It may come as a shock to some women that many are scared of everything from putting on weight to not having any respect.

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