This ‘Self-Inflating’ Portable Hammock Allows You To Relax Anywhere At Anytime!

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It’s called the ‘Lamzac Hangout’ inflatable lounge and they are selling so quickly the company is unable to keep them in stock!

(I am so getting one of these for camping!) 🙂



Yet another ingenious outdoor product from the country that brought us The HotTug, is a portable couch that fills with air in seconds without requiring a pump or your lungs.



Made of high quality nylon ripstop, the “Lamzak” (which translated from Dutch means lazy person or lazy inactive bag), is the creation of Marijn Oomen, who came up with the concept during a party with friends back in 2010.



The super easy to inflate lounge chair looks a little like a ‘canoe meets sofa then meets hammock’, surrounding an adult or child in puffy comfort in a matter of seconds.


hammock6 hammock7


The product has undergone many changes over the years and the recent Lamzac Hangout is new and improved! Perfect for the parks, music festivals, the beach, the mountains, camping and even in the snow!


The durable nylon ripstop material has a maximum weight resistance of 441 lbs and although waterproof, it’s not recommended for use on water.


Comfortably fits adults or children:




Don’t like the blue color? Here are some other options that are available!




Want one of these awesome hammock, sofa lounges? You can buy on HERE for $79.00! Remember to share with all of you friends and family!

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