28 Pics That Prove You Should Really Check Your Background Before Taking That Selfie

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Not only are people who take selfies documenting a moment in their lives, but most of the time, that moment’s going to be shared on social media. Sometimes, you don’t realize that you may be documenting more than you bargained for with your selfie! 

You should always check your background before snapping that fancy selfie and hitting ‘share’ on your favorite social media platform!

selfie fail background check

Such a crappy photobomb! 

A quick spider check goes a long way!

Take that! 

Ummm…why are his pant like that?

Thanks ma! 

Wow! The traffic is intense!

Oh…there is a dog in the pic. 

Always do a mirror check prior to taking a selfie. 

She’s nosy! 

Wonder how long it took her to place the chips perfectly on her body…

Shut the damn door! 

Mom is not impressed! 

This dad doesn’t mess around! 

Oh no…stop…don’t take my picture silly. 

Where’s my treat?

Always put down the toilet seat. 

Creeper alert! 

Who’s the shady -gross dude?

This kid is petrified 

Thanks for the pic boo! 

This is no beach I want to be at! 

Clearly these kid are not liked. 

Where the f**k are your pants DAD?

Good to know! 

Mom has no clue wtf her daughter is doing. 

For some reason I feel she knew the mirror was behind her. 

Love is everywhere! 

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