Man Cuts NYC Tourist’s Selfie Sticks In Half For ‘Prank’ Video That Is Dividing The Internet

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See the selfie-stick vigilante dividing the internet as he goes on rampage in New York attacking tourists with bolt cutters. 

Tourists were left staring at their broken selfie sticks after the surprise attacks.

A SELFIE stick hater who ran through the streets of New York cutting selfie sticks in half as been slammed as a “disgusting person”.

Unlucky tourists were targeted as the self-proclaimed selfie stick clipper, Buddy Bolton, used a pair of branch cutters to cut the tools in half with the prank caught on video.

But the prank has been slammed by Internet users, with some saying “disgusting person, disgusting behavior” while others have defended it as a “masterpiece”.

We here at AJ have to agree with the majority. Going around destroying people’s property is just not cool. The selfie sticks are a cheap replacement, but these people had their phones smash to the ground and one person even says her phone broke. Not cool Bolton…not cool.

Nine tourists were targeted in the anti-selfie stick attack with the drama caught on video and uploaded to Youtube.

Some tourists were left to stare forlornly at their broken selfie sticks, others were quick to chase after Bolton.

But the video has not attracted much love at all with the majority of those responding to the footage giving it a thumbs down.


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