Selfless Act: Senior Class Donates $8,000 To Principal Battling Cancer

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The graduating class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in Bethlehem, N.H. made a heartfelt decision to give the money raised for their senior class trip to the school’s principal, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Over the last year the seniors raised money for their senior trip, bottle drives, fundraisers and so on. All their hard work allowed them to schedule their class trip. The destination, Rydin’ Hi Ranch in New York and they were all set to leave this Sunday to stay four days. What happened next was nothing more than a generous, selfless act by a class full of young, kind-hearted adults.

When the news spread that Principal Courtney Vashaw was diagnosed with cancer the senior class felt that spending $8,000 on a class trip was no longer an option, so they took a vote. The vote was unanimous! The senior class gave every penny that they had worked so hard, so long to make, cancelled their senior trip to New York and gave the nearly $8,000 to their Principal.

The video below shows the principals emotional reaction to the kindness of her students.

Principal Courtney Vashaw said they work hard to teach the students about caring for others and being compassionate, but not in her wildest dreams did she think that lesson would directly affect her.

It is clear in the short interviews of the students that their love and respect for Vashaw was very deep seeded.

I would say that Principal Vashaw appears to be one heck of a principal and all around wonderful person. I can only hope that when my children are in high school that they are blessed enough to have such a principal.

Source : Youtube