Senator Al Franken Quits The Senate, Questions Trump & Moore’s Sexual Misconduct

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senator Al Franken quits senate

In a speech given on the Senate floor on Thursday morning, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota said he will resign in the “coming weeks” amid mounting allegations of sexual misconduct.

During the speech, Franken states that he knows who he is and that he is not the man that the media has portrayed him to be. Franken has acknowledged his sexual misconduct in the past with prior statements.

After Franken announced that he would be resigning, he then stated that there is some irony in the situation as he is leaving, while a man who acknowledges his history of sexual misconduct sits in the Oval Office. Franken proceeded to reference Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple underage girls and how he is campaigning for a seat in the Senate, with full support of the President and his party. (marker 2:10 in the video below)