Seniors – Smile Again Worry Free With Now Affordable Dental Implants

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Fear of the dentist affects some people, be it the pain, anguish, embarrassment, even costs…and not just the seniors. But more often than not, age and tooth loss or damage increase together.

Having missing teeth makes it hard to smile, let alone eat. Problem solved…with dental implants. Dental implants look and feel like real teeth, you can now smile like a movie star and eat like a king. Without any fear of embarrassment or pain. But movie stars and kings can easily afford to spend tons of cash, can you?

New Technology Means More Affordable Prices



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Worry not, new technology advances have made dental implants less expensive, in fact affordable for one and all, especially with a good dental insurance plan. You can now replace missing teeth, or all of them for that matter, for a fraction of the price it used to cost ( a full set of implants before could cost between $30,000 to $90,000). But not all implants are the same, so consult with your dentist.


What Are Dental Implants As Compared To Dentures?


So what are dental implants? They are basically replacement teeth made from materials like ceramic and are attached to the jawbone by titanium rods (done by cosmetic dentists or oral surgeons). These rods fuse to your jawbone, allowing the implants to be part of your jawbone. Crowns are then anchored over the top and will look like natural teeth…you can even have them shaded to the same color as your real teeth, should you opt to. Once in place, they can not be removed, and can last a lifetime.

Most seniors decide on dentures instead of dental implants. Price is obviously the reason, but the benefits of dental implants cannot be denied. And now being more affordable, offer seniors better looking and feeling teeth, that do not move. Dentures can become problematic because they move, making eating and talking difficult and uncomfortable. Worse, they can also be swallowed, which some seniors have painfully experienced. Implants are permanent and do not move, no need to soak them overnight and apply adhesives or creams like with dentures. Plus dental implants help prevent bone loss. Tooth loss allows the bone underneath to be absorbed by your body, this can make your jaw weaker, make you look older, but not with implants.

Better Benefits For Seniors


With the price decrease of dental implants, it becomes more realistic and practical to have them done. There are also many ways to save money. Seniors can look into options such as Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans for dental insurance. Investing in dental savings plans can save seniors between 10 and 60 percent on implant procedures.


Understanding The Processes Involved In Getting A Dental Implant

 Getting a dental in plant involves several processes, and is not done in a day. Also, it requires a specialist dentist who has trained in implantology, or is a prosthodontist or an oral surgeon.

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Here is what to expect if you decide to get an implant:

Consultation. This is when you make an appointment with the specialist, who will check your mouth, take some x-rays, diagnose the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone, especially for seniors, to confirm if you are qualified to have an implant done. If all is fine, the dentist will take an impression of your mouth to get you started on that movie star smile.

Insertion Of Implant.  Here your jawbone will be drilled and an implant will be inserted. If needed, you will get a temporary tooth at the end of this process.

Placement Of The Abutment.When your gum has healed from the implant insertion, the dentist will screw an abutment into your implant, the piece that will connect your existing implant with your future permanent crown.

Installing The Crown. Finally, the placing of the permanent crown that will look like a real tooth completes the procedure. Dental Implant done!


Join The Bandwagon

Dental implants offer you many reasons to smile, and smile with confidence. Research and do price comparisons, many options are available for seniors. So smile, live free (of pain and discomfort), worry-free!