Several Ideas You Can Do Yourself To Make Your Dog’s Life Better

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We love to pamper our loyal and lovable dogs, but some of us don’t know how. We end up spending more than we wanted, but end up rationalizing that it was for the better good. If you have the skills to do-it-yourself, and are creative enough, you don’t have to spend much to make your dog happy. Here are a few ideas you could try doing:




Open-air shed. For those hot summer months, this design allows your pet to hide from the sun while enjoying the breeze naturally.

Easy plywood house. More enclosed than an open-air shed, but still with enough ventilation, and protection from even the rainy days.


Beds and sleeping cushions


Pallet bed on wheels. Utilize an old wooden pallet, add casters for mobility and easy transfer, and a comfy cushion for your dog’s well needed rest. Design or paint it to your desire, add your dog’s name to the side so there is no mistake as to ownership.

Double-duty dresser.  Using an old dresser to make a bedside table and pet bed beside your bed will make your pet happy and safe by your side.


Raised DIY cot. You can use PVC pipes and soft nylon or cotton cloth material for the trampoline-type elevated cot to protect your dog from the heat or cold of the floor. Easy to move around as well.

Built-in blanket. If your pup loves to snuggle under the covers, this is the perfect bed type for it. Just make sure the entry is loose enough for your pet to enter and exit without difficulty.

Washable cover. Clean bedding always is best. Make a slipcover for a pillow or cushion that can be removed and washed, for a fresh-smelling pet bed.


Clothes and accessories


Easy dog sweater. Use an old sweater you no longer use and fashion a sweater from a cut out sleeve (depending how big your dog is). Instant outfit.

Festive collars. Create festive colored collars for your pets for any holiday or occasion. Let your creative juices flow.


Fun and easy halloween costumes. If you are the type that likes to dress Fido up for any occasion, like Halloween, no need to buy or rent one at the store. Use old garments and decorative materials you have at home.

Monogrammed leather tag. A classy and handsome addition to a dog’s collar. Monogram with your pets’ initial.




Braided fleece. Play tug with your dog and not worry about breaking an expensive toy if you make it yourself. Use old blankets, clothes, bed sheets, etc.

Fun fabric log. Fabricate this log with a plastic bottle center wrapped by layers of fabric. Your pet will love the sound it makes when he tries to chew it.




“Muttloaf”. Meatloaf version for your pet, takes time to prepare, but for special treats, it is a nourishing and healthy delicacy. Add frozen veggies and hard-boiled eggs to ground beef and cornmeal.

Frozen bites. Create frozen bite delicacies to cool down your pet during summer. Flavor them with their favorite treats.

Frosted biscuits. Add flare and flavor to dog biscuits with frosting, use any type of frosting you have available.




Adjustable ramp. Smaller dogs may need some help to reach the bed or sofa. Making an adjustable ramp for different heights will make it easy for them. That is, if you want them on your bed or sofa.

Stairs with storage space. If a ramp is not feasible, crafting a staircase to help your dogs up and down an elevated area will be the nice thing to do. And you can insert storage bins under the steps to maximize space.


Have a dutch door. This is simply a door divided horizontally into two, the upper and lower parts. You can open the top to ventilate the area, while keeping the bottom closed to secure your pets. Besides, it will surely attract curiosity when you have guests.

Car hammock. Easy to make with old sheets, keep your dog secure when in your car. It will also keep your car cleaner.




Fabricate a cabinet feeding station. Whether you use an old cabinet or make one from scratch, this will help not only feed your dog without messing your floors much, but provide for easy storage beneath the bowls for stashing food and other stuff.

Silhouette leash holders. If you have different breeds of dogs, you can organize their leashes by their cute silhouettes for easy recognition of what belongs to whom.

Large organized cabinet. For the dog with lots of stuff, keep them all in one place to avoid clutter. Design it to your specs and ease of usage.


Grooming products


Paw balm. Soothe your pets dry paws which can crack due to ice, heat and rugged terrain. Ingredients like beeswax, olive and coconut oils, are mixed with others to come out with a gel-type treatment for your pet.

Dry shampoo. Even as your dog has a bath often, certain factors can make him smell, well, not so fresh. Using dry shampoo like a powder with baking soda, cornstarch and essential oils, will make him smell good.


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