‘Shameless’ Season 8 Is Confirmed!

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Fiona and Frank will be coming back with a confirmed season 8, by Showtime! 

Shameless has some what of a cult following and those who don’t have Showtime, are still waiting in the balance for Season 7 to drop on Netflix. While everyone is catching up…Season 8 will be rolling on! 

We could see Season 8 premiere as soon as the fall of 2017!

Emmy Rossum, Fiona…was pretty stoked about the show rolling forward!

‘Shameless’ focuses on the Gallagher family. A crazy yet somewhat functioning family of yahoo’s…that we all love. Frank Gallagher, the drunk and failing father…is just about useless, yet he does provide for his family in his own way. While, the eldest sister, Fiona…keeps the family unit together while putting her life on hold. 

Photo: Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME



The Gallagher’s are predictable…yet completely unpredictable at the same time. 

Cheers to a new season!