Massive Sharks Attack Submarine 2300 Feet Below The Ocean Surface

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sharks attack submarine

The BBC channel released incredible footage of the Blue Planet II team navigating their submarine 2300 feet below the ocean surface in order to see what happened to a whale carcass that lay on the ocean floor.

As the team approached the whale carcass they noticed a large dirt cloud indicating that something was taking place near the carcass. As visibility increased, they team noticed a massive 6 foot plus shark feeding on the deceased whale.

sharks attack submarine

Moments later, more sharks joined the party and within minutes there were six plus sharks swarming around the carcass and the submarine.

As the sharks battled for the whale meat, they became more and more aggressive and started to turn on one another. Then, the sharks turned their attention to the submarine, thinking it was a threat to their meal.

The sharks bit and rammed the submarine in what the occupants described as quite a scary moment.

Check it out below! I wouldn’t want to be in this position and I most certainly wouldn’t want to be in this position 2300 feet below the surface.