She Is Hilarious! Morphine Made This New Mom Forget She Already Gave Birth.

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If you have ever had surgery or even your wisdom teeth out, you know the effects of morphine can be quite a trip. 

This is the hilarious exchange between a new mum high on pain medication and dad where she forgets she has given birth just two hours before.

Tisha and James Heffron were sat on a hospital bed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego, California, USA, early on the morning of February 6 discussing the birth of their new son Clay.

As the new mother’s morphine takes effect, James, part of the United States Marine Corps, tells his wife she had a baby, a stunned Tisha responds: “Not today, what?”

Throughout seven hilarious minutes, the mum-of-two forgets a further three times about her new-born, even asking James what is moving in her room, to be told that’s their baby.

James, from Oceanside, California, USA, said: “I was torn between trying not to laugh and making sure Tisha didn’t stand up.


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