She Texted Her Father’s Number On 4th Anniversary Of His Death. This Year She Got A Reply.

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23-year-old Chastity Patterson of Newport, Arkansas, lost her father four years ago. She’d been keeping his memory alive through texting his number each night, updating him on the ins and outs of her day, hoping he was listening.

On Thursday, October 25, the day before the fourth anniversary of her father’s death, she recounted her year.

“Hey Dad it’s ME,” Chastity said. “Tomorrow is going to be a tough day again.”

She talked about how she beat cancer and how she hadn’t gotten sick since her father’s passing. “I promised you I would take better care of myself!” She recapped how she graduated college with honors, fell in love and got her heartbroken, but she made it through a stronger woman.

This year, she got a reply.


Chastity posted the conversation to Facebook, her caption saying she can now let her father rest.

The post has over 100,000 shares and counting.