ShiftWear Shoes With Bendable HD-Color Display Will Change The Shoe Game Forever

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ShiftWear’s creator, David Coelho, describes his product as “the most adaptable shoes you’ll ever own.” The secret behind the footwear’s abilities is the state-of-the-art bendable screen that covers its exterior. With something as versatile as a display, ShiftWear shoes can be easily customized to suit any ensemble. The product is currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, but is scheduled to be released sometime next year.

The shoes, which are remarkably affordable considering what they can do, come in three styles. A low cut style for  $200, mid-cut for $300 and high-top for $400.

The shoe is completely interactive and can be customized and controlled via an app on your phone. Artists are even able to submit styles to the app and charge for download!

The shoes even charge as you walk in them!

This is no doubt a revolutionary product that will forever change the way we look at footwear.


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