Customer Films Lady Going Crazy After She Gets Busted For Shoplifting At Rite Aid

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One Rite Aid customer took video of a lady going crazy after a worker at the Rite Aid in Hillsboro, Oregon tried to stop her from leaving the store. The woman was caught shoplifting and there is no tolerance for shoplifting at this Rite Aid!

She had stolen two items from the store and a Rite Aid security guard chased her into the parking lot to bring her back in and wait for the police to arrive.

Luckily for the internet…a customer was ready with her camera phone to capture all the action!

I personally love how all this commotion is going and another Rite Aid employee is all ‘Keep the line going people, if you have something purchase, head right up to the register‘. 🙂

Keep it moving! Nothing to see here.

Was this security guard justified in his actions? What do you think?