Shopping For The The Right Mattress: Tips And Ideas

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Are you looking to buy a new mattress but don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best mattress for a good night’s sleep. 

1. Test the Mattress You Wish to Buy

Never settle for a mattress without/before testing it thoroughly. Simply patting or sitting on the mattress isn’t enough to determine the quality of a mattress. Sleep experts recommend spending at least 15 minutes on the bed tossing and testing it. Try your preferred sleeping position to see if it has adequate support or not. Try all sleeping positions you can think off if possible. You should also consider trying a sleep number bed which can be adjusted for firmness. 

You can ask the salesperson to give you some privacy when testing a mattress. Most people feel shy when someone is watching their every move. 

2. Dress Comfortably

As indicated earlier, you need to test several mattresses before you can settle on the right one. That said, you wouldn’t be able to do that while in a short skirt or that business suit. Consider clothes that aren’t too revealing and are comfortable enough to allow you to test the mattresses properly. Yoga pants, a T-shirt, or even jogging pants are the most recommended outfits when going for mattress shopping. You might also want to put on flat shoes for the event too. This is the only best way you can be free when testing various mattresses in the mattress store. 

3. Research A bit About Mattresses

This is particularly important if you have never gone for mattress shopping before. Doing some research on the various types of mattresses, their comfort levels, the support offered, etc. should enable you to narrow down on the best mattresses for side sleepers or your preferred sleeping position. Put into consideration your sleeping habits and the position you prefer sleeping in. High-density mattresses come in handy for heavier individuals and also helps relieve pressure on hips, shoulders, and the back. If you prefer sleeping on your back, you might then want to consider medium density mattresses. A firm mattress will also be a wise choice if you tend to sleep on your stomach. 

Take some time to learn of the various types of mattress available on the market — these range from memory foam, spring, and latex mattresses, among others. Memory foam is considerably more comfortable, while latex mattresses offer full-body support. You could also consider innerspring mattresses that offer both of the worlds. 


4. Back Support

You need to go for a mattress with proper/adequate back support to avoid having nasty backaches in the morning/future. Proper spine alignment is the key to a comfortable night. Whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or love sleeping on your back, you’ll want to maintain your spine’s natural curve.

5. Budget

Looks aren’t necessary when choosing a mattress. It will be covered up under sheets anyway. The price however matters a lot, one of the reasons you need to have a reasonable budget for the same.  A mattress is one of the important, and among the significant investments, you can make for yourself, be sure to go for the best quality you can afford. Think of it as a long-term investment plan. 


It might take you some time to find just the right mattress for your needs. That said, be sure to go to a store offering a wide selection of mattresses to choose from. You could also engage an expert sleep professional to help you identify the right mattress. Dress well for the ‘hunt’, test the preferred mattresses, and ask all the relevant questions before making the final decision.