Should You Get A Trademark Now?

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Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

If you plan to start up your own business, one of the most crucial aspects that you should consider for your business to be successful is your brand name. Whether you are selling products, food, or services, your brand name will still be highly important.

This is because if you are creative and knowledgeable enough, having a catchy brand will establish your business identity to the market and will also be used to separate your products from the competition. Even the most skillful businessman who has the best product will not be known if their business doesn’t know how to make a brand.

However, should you get a trademark right away?

The answer is a resounding yes. After you’ve settled on your brand or logo, you should apply for a trademark right away. Obtaining a trademark is not as difficult as you would believe, and you may do it from anywhere on the globe, especially now that everything can be done on the internet. For example, if you visit the website Cohnlg, you can apply for a Boston trademark registration ​to finally have a trademark in your brand or logo.

If you are still not convinced on how a trademark can help your company, listed below are several reasons why a trademark is essential in your business.

1. Protects your brand as your intellectual property

Your brand belongs to your intellectual property, which is very easy to steal. Intellectual property could either be a drawing, a doodle, a song you made up, or even just a thought. This might easily be stolen because others might claim that they, too, have drawn or thought of something similar.

Suppose you came up with a fascinating brand name and publicized it on social media before registering a trademark on it. In that case, others may immediately copy it and register a trademark on it. However, you could not do anything about it because there was no trademark yet, even if you were the one who thought about it.

2. Invites customers and employees

You can now use your brand name for advertising your product if you already hold a trademark on it. Create video advertisements, vlogs, and reviews to let buyers know about your goods and make your brand known in your area.

When your business has a trademark, it is also critical to maintaining a positive reputation. People are more likely to work with and for a company that has a strong reputation. This is especially true when it comes to expansion.

If a company wants to grow, it needs to hire more personnel. This necessitates creating a budget, making the trademark a valuable asset when applying for business credit.

3. Brand Recognition

Companies can protect their brand by trademarking it. By trademarking a business name, one distinguishes one’s services and products from competitors, and one’s intellectual property becomes theirs. In addition, it prohibits competitors from copying or stealing their brand.

When a company is being started, registering a trademark should be a top priority. It will safeguard a company from the start, ensuring its long-term success. Moreover, it is critical to secure a startup from the outset to acquire a competitive advantage and avoid monetary loss and demerits in the future.