Should You Marry Your Best Friend?

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Your best friend is your closest friend. Being close means that they know you more than any other person around you. You share your most intimate thoughts with your best friend without being judged or feeling ashamed of your feelings. You can be yourself around this person no matter where you are.

Aren’t these the qualities that most people look for when searching for a life partner? Therapists in marriage counseling in Boulder along with other specialists in the subject have found that best friend married couples have a lower divorce rate than others.

Additionally, best friend married couples are said to be more satisfied and happier in marriage. You are probably thinking about your best friend romantically while reading this article and shrugging at the idea. It is okay to feel weird, but I’m sure if you were to choose to spend the rest of your life with your current boyfriend or your best friend, you would choose the latter.

Forever is a long time and below are a few reasons why you should choose to spend forever with your best friend.

You trust them the most

A healthy relationship is founded on trust. Your best friend is the best life partner because you know that no matter what they have your back. You can also trust that your best friend will always have your best interest at heart. They will always defend you and offer constructive criticism when you are wrong.

They know you


Your best friend knows almost everything about you and accepts and loves you for who you are. This is one of the reasons why specialists in marriage counseling in Bouldersay most people find it weird to date their best friend. They know too much about you.

While some of your annoying habits can put other people off, your best friend knows them and still sticks around, and they still like you with all your little flaws. You can be your true self with your best friend, and that is how it should feel with your soulmate.

You don’t have everything in common


Your best friend appreciates the fact that you are different. Having separate opinions and different hobbies is okay in your relationship, and you support each other either way. The fact that you differ on some things does not undermine your friendship at all. You allow each other to be free to express yourselves in ways that make both of you happy.

You will be together for life

Imagine spending every day with your best friend for the rest of your life. This does mean that you won’t argue, but even if you do, you will fix the problem because both of you value your friendship. Life can be challenging, but you can be sure that your best friend will be there to support and love you through whatever situation.

Asking your best friend out on a date today might be the beginning of the rest of your life.