Here Are 29 Show-Stopping Women From TV and Movies Then and Now

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Cindy Crawford – 53 years old


Cindy Crawford has been considered one of the most beautiful faces on the planet. Her journey began when she started to model for her local clothing store and was discovered by a photographer who put her photo on the cover of the catalog he was working on. She continued to juggle her studies and modeling at the same time until her first term in college where her modeling career took off. She then left for New York City and she graced 200 magazine covers in her first 3 years alone. Crawford is known to have applied herself to modeling the same way she did with her studies. Intelligent, she knew how the business worked and there were even instances where she turned down jobs from big names like Calvin Klein and Bruce Weber because her face won’t be seen in their ads so there won’t be enough publicity. Today, you can find Crawford putting most of her energy in her charities but still manages to spend time with her husband of 21 years and their 2 children.