Sweet Video Shows Caretaker Comforting A Sick, 1,400-Pound Bear

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sick grizzly bear

This heart melting video shows Jim Kowalczik, a caretaker at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, comforting his namesake Kodiak bear, Jimbo.

Jimbo is 24-years-old and was feeling ill earlier this month. A veterinarian examined the big guy, who is 10 feet tall and weighs 1,400 pounds. Jimbo was suffering from an unknown illness, was uncomfortable and agitated after the vet appointment.

Kowalczik wanted to show Jimbo “some extra love” and is seen petting him and talking to him softly. Although obviously massive, Jimbo transforms into a cuddly little bear cub when he is around Jim. Jim grabs the bear’s head with both arms, hugging and rocking him like the huge baby that he is. Jimbo then rests his big head in his caretaker’s lap, letting Jim pet him on the head and scratch him behind the ears.

Jimbo has lived at the Orphaned Wildlife Center since he was a cub. He sustained injuries at a young age which left him unable to be returned to the wild.