29 Signs That He Or She Wants To Kiss You

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Source: https://cloudfront.net

No matter where you go or what you do on a first date, there will always be that excitement and anticipation, even trepidation for some, on how it will go and how it will end. You put your best foot forward, look your best and dress nice, try to be funny and spontaneous, and hopefully establish that connection or chemistry that can lead to something more intimate. A kiss is definitely one of the best ways to end a date but that first kiss can be a bit tricky to pull off sometimes. If you’re really attracted to your date, you will most likely want to have a kiss, but how would you know if your date wants to kiss you, too? Lucky for you, there are signs that you can look out for during the course of your date that tells you to muster up the courage to plant that kiss.
When your date goes well, those who are not too direct can manifest certain body language that can be tell-tale signs of their desire to kiss. Whether it’s a particular look, gesture, or touch, recognizing these signs will help you make that move.
Here are 29 signs that he or she wants to kiss you: