30 Signs That Say You Should Not Get Married

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Source: https://rosesweet.com/

How do you know if you should really get married? What can make you say to yourself that you are finally ready to enter into a lifetime commitment with a person? A lot of things have changed over the years, marriages included, but it doesn’t mean that it has become simpler. Marriage remains as complex as it was centuries ago.  And while circumstances may differ for each couple, the factors you consider when it comes to a person’s readiness for this big step is more or less the same.
Are you confident in each other? Are you open to the idea of change? Are you stable enough, emotionally or financially? If there are signs that point to the contrary, then you might want to take a step back to fully assess yourself before tying the knot, as it will ultimately affect your relationship.
These are the top warning signs to be on the lookout for as they will most likely tell you that you should not get married. At least not yet.