10 Simple Camping Hacks That Will Make Any Camping Trip Easier!

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It may be winter in most of the country, but for some…camping season is still rolling on! For the rest of us…it is just around the corner!

Here are some awesome, simple, yet genius camping hacks that will certainly come in handy while you are relaxing with mother nature!

1. The Mason Jar Match Holder With Striker!

Simply empty a box of wooden matches into a mason jar, take the striker off of the box and place it between the top metal cap of the mason jar and the outside screw on ring. To be safe, always keep an extra striker inside of the jar just in case the outside of the jar gets moist.

 2. The Soda Bottle Toilet Paper Dispenser

Cut the bottom of the bottle off just above the flared base. From the top of the bottle measure roughly 9″ and cut. From the base measure roughly 2.3 inches and cut. The middle section can be recycled. Placed the two ends together to form a smaller size Coke bottle.  

Next, take the toilet paper roll and remove the cardboard roll. Take the toilet paper and run it through the center hole of the roll and pull up through the top piece of the bottle. Place the roll inside the soda bottle and put the top of the bottle back on. Affix with tape if needed. 

3. Mason Jar Tiki Torch (Citronella candle)

4. Cotton Ball Fire Starters

Items needed:

  • Cotton Balls
  • Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
  • Sandwich Size Plastic Bags
  • Rag or paper towel for clean up


1.Take a small scoop of petroleum jelly, about two finger tips full.

2. Spread the jelly around the cotton ball making sure to leave a small portion of the cotton ball            uncovered. (I would suggest that you don’t dunk the cotton ball into the container of petroleum            jelly. It will stick and quickly tear apart as you try to remove it.)

3. Place them in a row in the bottom of a plastic bag and then seal it shut.

4. Make as many as needed and use them at your next camp out.

5. Old Detergent Bottle as Portable Hand-Washing Station

This is an easy one, but boy oh boy does it come in handy at the campsite! Simply fill up an old detergent bottle with water…place a water catcher below it and wash away!

6.  Pre-Cracked Eggs

Pre-crack some eggs and pour the into a bottle. Label the bottle as you pour each egg so you know how many eggs you have left as you use them. A Coffee Mate bottle works great for this. Simply pour and cook! You won’t have to worry about broken eggs either!

7. Orajel For Mosquito Bites

The active ingredient in Orajel is benzocaine, a local anesthetic that numbs whatever it’s applied to. In a pinch, it can be used to stop the itch and annoyance of a mosquito bite. 

8. Duct Tape And Lighter All-In-One

Chances are you’re probably definitely going to need a lighter on your trip. Chances are you might not need duct tape, but like a good girl scout or boy scout, it’s best to be prepared. Wrap a few feet of duct tape around your lighter, just in case. 

9. Single Use Soap Leaves

Make single use soap leaves with just a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler. Now you don’t have to worry about dropping a bar of soap in the dirt. 

10. Use A Lint Roller To Remove Small Insects And Ticks

Use a lint roller right after being in the woods or on a brush walk.. for humans & pets!

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