This Simple Experiment Will Make You Think Twice About Drinking Soda…This Is So Gross!

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We have all been warned on numerous occasions how bad soda is for us, yet most of the world ignores the threat and consumes millions and millions of gallons of soda daily.  Coca Cola is in fact used to clean rust of metal or de-grease a car engine yet we feel this is safe to put into our bodies…crazy right? Check out this simple experiment below and  take a look at what we are actually paying to put into our bodies when we drink a soda.

This experiment requires just two ingredients, soda & milk


Add a small amount of milk into the Coke bottle


Close the cap and let it sit for 6 hours


After 6 hours, this is what you will find


The top portion of the bottle looks like dirty water


But what the heck is that junk on the bottom of the bottle? Dirt? Sand? Disease?












The coke is so acidic that it denatures the protein found in the milk, causing this chemical reaction.

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