Simple Kitchen ‘Hack’ For Removing Tendon From Chicken Breast Is Truly Mind Blowing

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If you are like me, you don’t like cooking chicken breast with the tendon just hanging out in there. In fact, I have spent years cutting around the tendon in an attempt to remove it, wasting a ton of chicken in the process. So needless to say, this cooking hack below was truly mind blowing to me personally!

A woman on TikTok has gone viral with her chicken-prepping “hack” that involves pulling out the tendon from a chicken breast with one swift movement. All you need is a fork and a little elbow grease.

In the video below, the woman holds up a regular organic chicken breast, pointing out that nasty white tendon that runs through it. The woman threads the end of the tendon between the middle tines of a fork. She then grabs the protruding tab with a paper towel while pushing down on the meat with the fork, thus pulling the tendon out of the tenderloin.

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Seriously though…how amazing is this? Like she said in the video, maybe I am late to the game, but this is a game changer in regards to cooking chicken!