Simple Money Hacks That Will Save You Cash Abroad

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I think it’s fair to say if we aren’t experienced travelers then we’re always a little confused when it comes to how to spend when abroad.

Do we get travel money out at home? Do we simply pay card all trip? Do we pay in local currency and how much do we tip?

The questions really are endless. Of course though, the answers are also readily available with a bit of research and we have a number of top tips of our own…

Card Spending: Pay in Local Currency

 You’d be amazed by how much money is lost each year by the common mistake of paying in your own currency instead of local when paying via card.

Incredibly, £4billion was spent by UK holidaymakers alone last year in fees, with a significant portion of that coming from this mistake.

By paying in your home currency, an additional fee is added by an outsourced company who convert your currency, in comparison to paying local currency which is simply converted by your bank.

By choosing local you’re essentially cutting out the middleman, who of course needs paying for their time, and will generally get a better exchange rate via your bank anyway.

Take Taxi’s Via Apps

It’s only natural to be a little concerned taking taxis in cities and destinations you don’t know very well. We’ve all heard the stories where taxi drivers will take you seven miles for a three mile journey.

The likes of Uber can be found all over the world these days, and not only will it allow you to book a taxi incredibly easy, you can potentially save money with the ability to track the route you take.

On top of that, you won’t need to try and explain where you want to go in a language you can’t necessarily speak, which really does make it ideal.

If you feel you’ve been taken on the scenic route to your destination, you can always make a complaint and try and claim that fare back too.

Use a Card which Offers Travel Rewards

Most people these days tend to pay for a lot on their card while away, and the best way to do so is by using a credit card that offers travel rewards.

There are dozens of great credit cards out there with the most accepted credit cards abroad generally offering air miles or dollars to be spent on travel – ideal for your next trip.

You may as well earn while you spend away from home, and it’s generally worth putting your large purchases on it such as flights or hotels.

Uncover Cheap Eats

It’s so easy to get pulled into the tourist traps, where an average meal will cost you the earth.

Eating like a local will more often than not offer you a meal full of flavour, but a great taste of the country’s culture at a snip of the price.

A bit of internet research will generally give you a good idea of the best cheap eats, while sites such as Use It are put together for tourists by locals.