Singapore Kids Camp Guide For 2021

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It has been more than a year since the start of Covid-19, and we have been trapped in our homes for far too long. Projections for the pandemic have become more positive due to the vaccination programs here in Singapore and abroad. However, it is still unlikely for anyone to have international vacations anytime soon. We would just have to content ourselves and look for fun activities to do on our island. Fortunately, Singapore is one of the best places in the world to be “stranded” in because of the various amounts of fun family activities on offer; cycling, bowling, beach days, and more!

Even with lots of fun activities to do, parents would still have to prioritize their jobs and work for most of their time. As such, their kids would likely be forced to stay at home and look at computer or cellphone screens all day. This scenario is the exact dilemma that a summer camp maker thought of solving. Ensure that your kids’ experience of summer 2021 is different compared to the lockdown-filled summer of 2020.

Singapore has a variety of summer camps for your kids to attend to such as Maker. A Singapore Kids camp can offer fun and engaging activities while promoting personal growth, independence, increased self-esteem, friendships, and the development of other lifelong skills. The summer camps would promote learning and social interaction; this is to encourage the attendants to become well-rounded kids with lots of experience in different situations.

Choosing the Right Summer Camp

The first step to enrolling your kids in a summer camp is finding the right camp for them. Singapore has a large variety of summer camps for kids, each with its own strengths and weaknesses; the key is to find the right one that meets your wants and needs for a camp. There are traditional summer camps that usually offer combinations of sports, arts, crafts, and games. Recently, summer camps’ are now including specialization for specific fields such as STEM subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, or other areas of personal development like sports and cookery.

It can be difficult to choose the right summer camp for your child, so to inform you and help you make a decision, here is a list of the main types of camps:

1. Sports Camps

This type of camp is perfect for active kids that enjoy a lot of physical activities. In summer camps, you can usually pick from a list of different sports like; football, basketball, rugby, swimming, taekwondo, athletics, and other activities like dodgeball or Frisbee. There are also multi-activity camps that offer attendees the chance to try different sports in one summer camp; this could be ideal for kids with no preferred sport or for those that want to experience a variety of sports. If you choose to enrol your kid into a summer sports camp, then be sure they are prepared for the summer heat by bringing a hat, sunscreen, and a canteen of water to help them rehydrate.

2. Coding Camps

A Singapore Kids Camp won’t always be about the outdoors and physical activities. If your kid is interested in computers because of playing video games or if they are just curious to know and understand how computers function, then coding camps are perfect for them. This type of camp would help develop their interest in computers into a skill that will be very useful in the future. Coding Camps introduce attendees to coding and offer other enjoyable learning opportunities and activities involving other tech-related fields such as; engineering, 3D modeling, circuit modeling, robotics, and programming. The goal of a good coding camp is to promote learning through making and experiencing things while still having a fun time.

3. Science Camps

Another great type of summer camp found in Singapore that promotes learning through fun is the Science and Technology Camp. This type of camp would provide a variety of different hands-on experiences and activities for learning; the attendees could experience tests, 3D puzzles, slime making, and bubble challenges. Science and Technology camps could also provide lectures, seminars, and other improvement activities on specific fields such as space, technology, or even dinosaurs. You should choose the right science camp that meets the interests of your child. Additionally, it is important to remember that a good science camp offers a good mix of fun, learning, and other activities while serving regular snack and meal breaks.

4. Language Camps

Foreign language competency is one of the most useful and sought-after skills for a child’s future. Language skills would always be useful for both social and work-related activities. As such, Singapore has Language summer camps that allow your kid to train and develop their mother tongue, or attendees could learn a new language. This type of camp usually offers attendees to learn; English, Chinese, Spanish, and French, while still having other subjects that are taught using the foreign language as a medium of instruction. Summer Language camps offer a good opportunity for your kids to learn a new language by actually using it to practice and interacting with other speakers of that language.

5. Art and Theatre Camps

For kids that are more in touch with their creative sides, Art and Theatre Camps are the right choice. A child that enjoys the arts or theatre can find great opportunities in this type of camp. The attendees can unleash their creativity while developing their skills for art and acting. Good Art camps make use of art to enhance your kids’ overall development, whether it is through drawing, painting, sculpting, pottery, and more. On the other hand, theatre camps offer kids with interests in the dramatic arts a chance to experience acting and working with others to make stage plays. This experience could greatly boost their confidence while promoting the development of their skills and teamwork.

Enrolling your kid in a summer camp is a good way for them to learn and develop themselves while still having a fun time. So luckily, Singapore offers a vast array of camps that can meet the interests and needs of every type of child; whether they are sporty, techy, or creative, a parent can find the right camp for their kid.