Single Mom Tries “Smell Dating” And Shares Her Entire Story

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Ever heard of smell dating? Neither had we, but thanks to an adventurous single mom who wrote about it on Babble, we know all about it. Caroline Linder McNeill tried this unique method of getting back in the dating scene, and it’s pretty unique.

It isn’t quite as bizarre as it sounds, well…maybe it is. If people are attracted to pheromones, then smell could be the unseen key to romance that doesn’t show up on most dating profiles.

Here’s how it works: a company called Smell Dating sends you a plain white tee to wear for a few days.

You want to really get your funk all over it to make a good match. Caroline went for a sweaty run on her third day in the shirt.


You send your shirt back, and they send you cut up swatches of other people’s sweaty tees.


This part is not for the weak stomached: you have to smell other people’s funky smelling shirts and tell the company which ones you liked. The fabric squares are identified only by number. There is no matching by age or gender or sexual orientation, it’s all in the nose.


When she was done with all the sniffing, Caroline got a list of her matches. She sent messages to a few, but didn’t hear back. Finally, #59 wrote to her, saying, “Hello, I just wanted to say hi. Apparently we like each other’s smell and that has to be good.” Well isn’t that a pick up line if we have ever heard one. 


They agreed to meet, and it turned out that they liked each other’s smells in person, too. As of her writing, they’d been out on a few dates, and they actually liked each other. 

So, if you are looking for love…you just may want to get your smell on!

Want to try smell dating out for yourself? Check it out HERE!


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