Six Generations Of Daughters In One Photograph Is A Sight To Behold!

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six gen featured

It is certainly a rarity to gather six generations together for a photo op, but when it does happen, it is quite the sight!

This Virginia family has an astonishing six generations of daughters still living.  The matriarch of the family, Mollie Wood, was born in 1901 and was 111 when this photo was taken.   The youngest addition to the family, Braylin Marie Higgins, was born in March to Wood’s great, great, great granddaughter.

six gen2

The secret to the family’s longevity?

“We’re ornery,” laughed 39-year-old Marlo Shifflett. “I think that’s a lot of it. We’re too ornery to stop!”

Oh…and Ms. Wood never smoked or drank alcohol. 

Aside from longevity, Ms Wood has also passed on a strong work ethic to her brood.

‘She was such a hard worker,’ said Ms Minter, who continues to clean houses despite nearing 90 herself. ‘We never had much money but always had plenty to eat because she would work the garden. We had peaches and apples. Everything she cooked was delicious.’

She would also wash the family’s clothes by hand.

But life got tougher for Ms. Wood when, with two toddlers and a baby on the way, her husband was struck down with polio and couldn’t work for three years. But she pressed on!

six gen3

“They’re just all tough old birds,” said Dan Goodman, husband of 70-year-old Bette Goodson, Mollie Wood’s granddaughter. “I’m not talking about being mean, but they can take on a challenge, and surprise you.”


How awesome is this! A little hard work and healthy living apparently can go a long way….a really long way!


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