The Internet Is Going Mad About This ‘Six Girls And Five Sets Of Legs’ Optical Illusion

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“The internet is going crazy over this insane optical illusion.” It’s the sentence that’s started a million blogs in the past and will continue to start a million blogs in the future—and for good reason. Because where the f**k are this girl’s legs?

Photo credit: Reddit

As you can see, there are six girls, five sets of legs, at least two alcoholic beverages, and not one girl looks to be 21. 
However…we believe we have found the missing set of legs. 

If you look closely…there appears to be another set of legs dressed in black pants. That would mean, both girls on the far left are wearing black pants. Hmmmm…lets take a closer look. 

Yup…pretty sure those are the missing legs. The picture is quite odd however…

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