Sketchy Doctor Being Sued For Ridiculous And Dangerous ‘Drinkable Suncreen’

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You may have heard of ‘drinkable sunscreen’, you may have even tried it. Well folks, surprise! It’s not that good for you…and the doctor that created it and is selling it…is being sued. 

On March 14th, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office filed a consumer fraud lawsuit that claimed Osmosis Skincare and Harmonized Water—which is billed as “drinkable sunscreen”—is a “product seriously flawed” in testing. The suit, which was obtained by BuzzFeed, added that the flagrantly unsafe product “recklessly gave consumers hollow assurances that they were protected from known health hazards.”

The man in charge of these ridiculous products is alleged medical doctor Ben Johnson. While Johnson is standing by his products—which he claims utilize “form radio frequencies called scalar waves” to protect users from UV rays…which is obviously complete BS. 

This isn’t the first brush with the law that Dr. Johnson has had. In 1999, he was approached by the Colorado Medical Board because he was selling Viagra online to patients, without ever giving them an exam. In 2001, he surrendered his license after two patients complained that his laser services had injured their faces—one was burned on the cheek and chin and the other suffered an infection on his face.

Johnson advised Buzzfeed that they have been selling this amazing, drinkable sunscreen product for nearly 5-years with great success. They have sold thousands of bottles he states. 

So, if you are thinking about buying one of these bottles of drinkable sunscreen…I’d forget that thought and simply buy regular sunscreen and get to rubbing!

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