VIDEO | This Is How English Sounds To Non-English Speakers

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This video is rather remarkable…for a few reasons. One…it took me…an English speaking individual…a few moments to figure out what was happening. Secondly, these two are flawless at speaking in this really weird language. You will see what I mean when you watch it.

The video was created by Youtubers and film makers Brian and Karl. They call the piece, Skwerl and it features a man and woman speaking while using messed up English wording. Thus, creating the effect of what it would be like to not understand English, yet have have someone speak to you using that language.

We have posted the entire ‘Skwerl’ script below for you to read through. The video makes you feel like you can understand the wording…but you can’t. It’s really freaking weird!

skwerl skwerl skwerl skwerl skwerl skwerl


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