Sloth Bear Chases Off Tiger After Rare And Intense Battle Between Two Wild Beasts

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Credit: Caters News Agency

This is the hair-raising moment a female sloth bear chased away a dominant tiger after a vicious faceoff.

The fight started after the tiger attacked the bear, which was accompanied by its baby cub, while the pair approached a watering hole in search of a drink.

sloth bear chases off tiger

Credit: Caters News Agency


The action took place at the Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra, India this past Wednesday and was captured by Akshay Kumar, chief naturalist at the park.

The tiger, called Matkasur, is believed to have been trying to protect its territory, while the bear‘s maternal instincts kicked in an attempt to protect her cub.

The result was an intense 15-minute tussle which saw the two animals charging at each other in an attempt to show the other’s who’s boss, with both receiving serious injuries in the process.

Credit: Caters News Agency

In the end, the bear chased off the tiger, despite receiving serious injuries.
“As you can see in the video, the sloth bear was so exhausted. They can’t outrun tigers,” Dr Anish Andheria, President of Wildlife Conservation Trust told NDTV. 

“The only thing that saves the bear is the hair on the body, because [the] tiger doesn’t get a grip.”

Credit: Caters News Agency