Man Refuses To Stop Smoking At Gas Pump So Store Employee Dishes Out Instant Karma

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I think it is pretty much common sense that one doesn’t smoke while standing next to a gas pump. There are signs everywhere at gas stations that clearly state ‘No Smoking’ and again, common sense should tell you that having anything on fire near gasoline fumes is a dangerous combination.

Well, a man who was recently pumping gas and smoking at a gas station clearly lacks common sense or the ability to read signs. As he stood near the gas pump, cigarette in hand, an employee of the store kindly asked the man to put the cigarette out. The man refused. After many failed attempts by the store employee to get the man to oblige, he took matters into his own hands.

The store employee walked over to the gas pump, retrieved a fire extinguisher, pulled the pin and blasted the smoking buffoon.

There is no doubt that the man’s cigarette was out after that blast! Instant karma served.