Sneaking Into Her Daughter’s Dorm Room Made This Mother Truly Regret It

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They Forgot About Somebody

CBS New York

All the popularity bestowed on the mother and daughter surely made them forget, if just for a moment, the traumatic incident. They were living the time of their lives, with interviews and shows here and there. But somebody was interested in getting in touch. Yup, it was the owner of the dorm room Deanna mistakenly thought was her daughter’s. Deanna hoped that the owner would never find out the embarrassing truth. But social media is a powerful tool. A few days later, McKenna saw a reply on her Twitter post. “Is that my pillow?” Needless to say, Deanna wanted to bury her head in the sand. But fortunately, Mckenna explained that the person was a friend in her building. Imagine the odds…seems luck was on Deanna’s side. It was a blessing that the owner was a friend of her daughter, Deanna didn’t even have to explain how she broke into her bedroom, even by mistake, it was awkward and not appropriate.