‘SNL’ Spoofs Macy’s With Hilarious Holiday Children’s Clothing Commercial That Parents Find All Too Relatable

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In a spoof on a Macy’s holiday ad, “Saturday Night Live” pointed to a truth parents know well: Children don’t always find winter clothing so comfortable…and parents can’t stand it either.

The ‘commercial’ starts out like any other Macy’s holiday commercial, but it quickly turns into children complaining. Then parents complaining. Then everyone complaining.

“It’s too hot,” intones a young girl, while a boy adds, “It itches.” A baby then can be heard wailing in winter gear.

The narrator, a woman, doesn’t miss a beat in delivering hilarious punchlines! At one point, the clothing causes a blowout between a husband and wife, that all started with the husband attempting to put a Macy’s boot on their daughter, that was too tight and uncomfortable.

The tagline of the mock commercial? “The clothes they hate create the memories you’ll love.”

Check it out below, it’s hilarious!