VIDEO | Little Girl Trying To Eat Breakfast Isn’t A Fan Of Snow White Trying To Bug Her

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snow white bugs little girl

Kids are awesome! Their extreme honesty is something we all with would carry on through adulthood. Kids say what they want and act how they want, without ever sugar coating anything! 

In the video below, a little girl named Kaylin was visiting Disney World with her family, when she found herself in an annoying situation. 

Kaylin was trying to eat her breakfast when Snow White came over to say hello. Kaylin turned to Snow White, gave her a disgusted look and then turned back to her breakfast. Snow White didn’t know what to think, but I’m pretty sure she got the hint real quick. 

Kaylin turned into a statue, staring straight ahead, clearly biting her tongue. 

Check it out below…it’s good for a laugh! 

Kaylin's NOT impressed….

Posted by Katrell Hunter on Sunday, May 14, 2017